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Wildfires in Hawaii Left 80 Dead Marking Deadliest Natural Disaster in State’s History As Death Toll Still Rises

Wildfires in Hawaii [Photo: CNN]
Wildfires in Hawaii [Photo: CNN]

Latest news updates on the wildfires in Hawaii reported 80 individuals dead marking the deadliest natural disaster in the state’s history. Further reports say that the Hurricane Dora was partly to blame for spreading the flames, interrupting power supply, and grounding helicopters.

Wildfires in Hawaii [Photo: Fox21Online]

Wildfires in Hawaii [Photo: Fox21Online]

As of August 11, at around 9 p.m., a statement released by the officials of Maui County revealed that the number of confirmed fatalities from the wildfires in Hawaii had increased to 80 from the previous figure of 67. Unfortunately, officials further stated that the death toll from the wildfires in Hawaii is expected to still increase as the wreckage that wiped out the town of Lahaina is being searched.

According to Boone, the National Weather Service stated that the wildfires in Hawaii are also partly to be blamed due to the Hurricane Dora which passed south of the Maui island. Reports say the hurricane made the flames spread across the island, interrupted the power supply, and grounded firefighting helicopters.

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Wildfires in Hawaii in State’s History

An article in BBC states that despite being the deadliest natural disaster in the state’s history, the wildfires in Hawaii are second only to the damages caused by the Hurricane Iniki in 1992. Karen Clark & Company, a well-known disaster and risk modeling company, disclosed that around 1,000 buildings were destroyed in the wildfires in Hawaii.

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