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Medicare Scammers In Kansas: Sheriff Warn Locals to Be Vigilant!

Medicare Scammers In Kansas
Medicare Scammers In Kansas: Sheriff Warn Locals to Be Vigilant! (PHOTO: WHSV)

The residents of Kansas are being urged to exercise caution as reports of Medicare scammers in Kansas making suspicious phone calls have surged recently, prompting a warning from the Brown County Sheriff, KSNT News reported.

Medicare Scammers In Kansas

Medicare Scammers In Kansas: Sheriff Warn Locals to Be Vigilant! (PHOTO: WIBW)

Medicare Scammers In Kansas

Sheriff John Merchant expressed concern over the escalating number of county residents who have come forward to report receiving phone calls from unknown individuals seeking access to their social security information. Medicare scammers in Kansas, in a departure from traditional robocalls, are employing a more sophisticated approach by issuing threats to terminate social security benefits if the requested information isn’t provided.

In addition to these tactics, the sheriff noted that some locals have also received calls from individuals purporting to represent Medicare, aiming to extract personal data from potential victims. These fraudulent callers, mirroring the strategy of the Social Security scammers, employ fear tactics by threatening to halt Medicare benefits if recipients inquire about the authenticity of the call.

Merchant further revealed that residents have observed the caller IDs of these Medicare scammers in Kansas display as “Social Security,” originating from various Kansas cities and even other states.

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Medicare Scammers In Kansas

He emphasized that legitimate entities such as Medicare, Social Security, or any other government agency will never initiate contact via phone to solicit personal information just like what Medicare scammers in Kansas do. Merchants advised recipients of such calls to immediately hang up and refrain from providing any details to the Medicare scammers in Kansas.

Acknowledging the growing concern, the Kansas Attorney General’s Office has established a range of resources to aid those who have fallen victim to scams, providing essential guidance and support to counteract these fraudulent activities caused by Medicare scammers in Kansas.

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