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Explore America’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods as Identified by the FBI

Explore America's Most Dangerous Neighborhoods as Identified by the FBI (Photo: Popular Everything)
Explore America's Most Dangerous Neighborhoods as Identified by the FBI (Photo: Popular Everything)

An in-depth investigation was conducted by the Daily Express into America’s most dangerous neighborhoods, where even law enforcement officers are hesitant to venture. These areas, marked by bullet-ridden houses, mourning families, and bustling funeral directors, display the grim reality of some of the most dangerous corners of the nation.

Check Out America's Most Dangerous Neighborhoods (Photo: Vox)

Check Out America’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods (Photo: Vox)

America’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

As per the latest available FBI data, let’s explore America’s most dangerous neighborhoods, according to a published article.

Belmont, Detroit

As per the 2021 FBI data, Belmont, a neighborhood in Detroit, boasts a violent crime rate a staggering 1,865 percent higher than the national average making it one of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods. A distressing estimate of 14,947 per 100,000 individuals fell victim to crimes within this area, in stark contrast to the state rate of 1,839 per 100,000.

Residents of Belmont face a daunting one in eight probability of becoming crime victims due to the rampant gang activity permeating its streets.

Belmont’s perilous landscape is marred by commonplace occurrences of robberies, assaults, and drug dealing. A mere example of the ongoing turbulence, Detroit Police Department responded to two shootings and four assaults in the area on a single day, March 4.

Quigley, Albuquerque

Albuquerque’s Quigley neighborhood, although charming in name, has seen its violent crime rates skyrocket to a startling 1,396 percent above the national average between 2020 and 2021.

This residential area, situated to the east of the city center, bears the ominous nickname of the “War Zone,” an apt reflection of its alarmingly high violent crime rate making it one of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

With a nearly fivefold increased risk of assault compared to other neighborhoods in the United States, Quigley’s residents endure a persistent threat to their safety. Curiously, this danger has not dampened the neighborhood’s housing market, which witnessed an average value increase of 6.7 percent from February 2022 to 2023, now resting at $273,000.

The Albuquerque Police Department has initiated a federally-mandated reform effort aimed at bolstering officer readiness to tackle escalating crime rates while reducing casualties.

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Shelby Forest-Frayser, Memphis

In 2021, the Shelby Forest-Frayser neighborhood in Tennessee reported a staggering 667 percent more violent crimes than the national average, with the overall crime rate 285 percent higher than the entire United States.

According to Area Vibes, this neighborhood is a mere 16 percent safer than other Tennessee cities, highlighting its severe safety concerns and the troubling odds of residents becoming crime victims.

With a densely populated environment and an average household income of $24,694, Shelby Forest-Frayser remains plagued by violent crimes resulting in injuries and fatalities making it one of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

These America’s most dangerous neighborhoods illustrate the persisting challenges posed by violent crime in America, despite broader downward trends. The stories of Belmont, Quigley, and Shelby Forest-Frayser reflect a broader issue of safety, law enforcement reform, and the urgent need for community support to combat crime in these at-risk areas.

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