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Manhunt For Georgia Inmate Ongoing After Escaping Extradition Back to Minnesota

Georgia Inmate Joseph H. Baynes [Photo: WTOC]
Georgia Inmate Joseph H. Baynes [Photo: WTOC]

The manhunt for Joseph H. Baynes is being conducted after the Georgia inmate escaped extradition back to Minnesota. Reports say the suspect was wanted in Dakota on charges of felony stalking.

Manhunt for Georgia Inmate Ongoing [Photo: WTOC]

Manhunt for Georgia Inmate Ongoing [Photo: WTOC]

The Sheriff’s Office of Bulloch County in Georgia confirmed that on August 3, at around 1:30 p.m., Joseph H. Baynes, 35, escaped police custody at the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport while in the process of being extradited back to Dakota County in Minnesota.

According to Rumpf-Whitten, the Georgia inmate was wanted in Dakota County after being charged with felony stalking. The Georgia inmate was reportedly in the custody of police officers at the Bulloch County Jail when he signed a waiver of extradition to be returned to Minnesota to face the felony charges.

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Manhunt For Georgia Inmate

According to Fluke, following the Georgia inmate’s escape, the state’s police department clarified that they were not involved with the incident since Baynes was already turned over to the officials from Minnesota at that time.

Nonetheless, reports say that authorities from Georgia State Patrol, Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office of Chatham County, and the Pooler Police Department have joined forces in conducting a manhunt for the Georgia inmate in the woods near the airport’s main parking lot. Fortunately, a spokesperson from the airport announced that there were no interruptions to the operations despite the Georgia inmate’s escape.

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