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Mom-In-The-Box Case In California: Police Identified Woman’s True Identity!

Mom-In-The-Box Case In California
Mom-In-The-Box Case In California: Police Identified Woman's True Identity! (PHOTO: CBS News)

After nearly a decade, police in California have finally identified the woman who was found dead in her home and the body of another person discovered in a box under her kitchen table in what became known as the “Mom-In-The-Box” case, CBS News reported.

Mom-In-The-Box Case In California

Mom-In-The-Box Case In California: Police Identified Woman’s True Identity! (PHOTO: WLTX)

Strange “Mom-In-The-Box” Case

The strange “Mom-In-The-Box” case began in February 2014 when the Monterey Police Department responded to the death of a woman identified as Francesca Linda Jacobs based on her driver’s license. The cause of death was determined to be starvation, and foul play was not initially suspected. However, during their investigation, the police made a shocking discovery – the decomposed remains of another person inside a box under the kitchen table.

Intriguingly, the deceased woman, Francesca Jacobs, had left a handwritten will identifying the woman in the box as her mother, Florence Jacobs. As the investigation continued, discrepancies arose – Francesca Jacobs appeared older than her age on the driver’s license, which showed a different-looking woman. Moreover, records about Francesca’s life only surfaced from the 1990s, and there were almost no records for her mother, Florence Jacobs.

Late in 2022, the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office Cold Case Task Force collaborated with the sheriff’s office to identify unknown human remains cases, including the “Mom-In-The-Box” case. DNA samples were collected from both women and sent to a forensics lab in Texas for analysis.

The DNA testing revealed surprising facts – the woman who called herself Francesca Jacobs was Linda Rae Jacobs, born in 1942, not 1955 as previously believed. The woman in the box was confirmed to be her mother, Ida Florence Jacobs. With this new information, detectives were able to contact relatives of the women, including a previous husband who helped confirm their true identities and the close bond between mother and daughter.

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Questions On “Mom-In-The-Box” Case

Despite these revelations, the “Mom-In-The-Box” case still leaves unanswered questions. The reasons behind Linda Rae Jacobs assuming a new identity and keeping her mother’s body in a box remain unknown and may never be fully understood.

While the identification of the victims provides closure to the “Mom-In-The-Box” case, the peculiar circumstances surrounding it continue to intrigue and baffle investigators and the public alike.

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