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Maryland Employee Arrested After Estranged Wife’s Allegations of Stealing Explosive Devices

Maryland Employee Stephen K. Thompson [Photo: Fox Baltimore]
Maryland Employee Stephen K. Thompson [Photo: Fox Baltimore]

Stephen K. Thompson was arrested after his estranged wife accused him of stealing explosive devices from his job. Reports say the Maryland employee was in possession of blasting caps also known as detonators.

Maryland Employee Stole Blasting Caps [Photo: Pinterest]

Maryland Employee Stole Blasting Caps [Photo: Pinterest]

Authorities received a tip from the estranged wife of Maryland employee Stephen K. Thompson, 48, after finding suspicious items in their house’s basement. Upon investigating the scene, bomb technicians identified that the items the Maryland employee possessed were blasting caps which were also known as detonators.

According to Vacchiano, Brian S. Geraci of the State Fire Marshal in Maryland stated that blasting caps are devices used with explosives to initiate detonations for demolition, construction, and mining. Furthermore, Geraci added that blasting caps are a threat to public safety, the environment, and properties when improperly used. The possible consequences of the illegal use of blasting caps can lead to extensive property damage, severe injuries, and even loss of life.

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Maryland Employee Arrested

An article in the FOX 5 DC states that the Maryland employee was arrested after determining that the blasting caps were stolen from his employer. On July 31, the Maryland employee faced charges of eight counts of possessing and manufacturing an explosive device and one count of theft between $1,500 and $2,000 and possessing explosives without a license. Thereafter, the Maryland employee was held without bond after being transported to Washington County Detention Center.

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