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Newest Workplace Trend “Loud Quitting”: Job Experts Caution Employees!

Newest Workplace Trend "Loud Quitting"
Newest Workplace Trend "Loud Quitting": Job Experts Caution Employees! (PHOTO: Entrepreneur)

Loud quitting, a relatively new workplace trend driven by the rise of social media, has been making waves in the employment landscape, Fox Business reported.

Newest Workplace Trend "Loud Quitting"

Newest Workplace Trend “Loud Quitting”: Job Experts Caution Employees! (PHOTO: Hiration)

Newest Workplace Trend “Loud Quitting”

It involves employees publicly announcing their decision to quit their jobs on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Live, often in a dramatic and attention-grabbing manner.

While this approach may seem appealing to some, job experts are cautioning against engaging in “loud quitting” due to the potential long-term consequences it can have on an individual’s career.

According to Niki Jorgensen, the managing director of client implementation at Insperity, the allure of sharing resignations on social media is understandable, especially in a digital age where expressing significant life changes online is second nature to many. However, the implications of such actions can be severe and may leave lasting negative impressions on both the company and its leadership.

Gallup’s 2023 State of the Global Workplace Report highlights that almost one in five employees engage in loud quitting, while the majority of disengaged workers belong to the category of “quiet quitters.”Although this trend is becoming more widespread, all job experts are in complete agreement that loud quitting is not an advisable method for resigning.

Instead, they emphasize the importance of maintaining professionalism and grace when seeking to leave a job. Mike Steinitz, senior executive director for Robert Half, cautions against loud quitting, pointing out that it can lead to burning bridges with employers and harm future career opportunities.

Experts recommend that employees proactively engage in conversations with their managers when they experience disengagement. This approach facilitates constructive discussions and creates opportunities for initiating positive changes within the workplace. When considering resignation, it is crucial to arrange a formal meeting with the manager to discuss the decision. It is customary in most workplaces to provide a written resignation and adhere to the standard two-week notice period.

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The New Trend “Loud Quitting”

Furthermore, being mindful of social media posts is crucial, as they significantly influence how individuals are perceived by potential employers and colleagues. Negative content about employers, whether current or past, can be detrimental to one’s professional image. Experts stress the importance of maintaining a cordial and professional online presence, as social media posts are readily accessible to the world and can have lasting implications.

In conclusion, while loud quitting may seem like an appealing way to gain attention online, job experts caution against it. By choosing a more positive and professional approach to resignation, individuals can safeguard their professional reputation, maintain valuable connections, and leave the door open for potential future opportunities. Remember, in the digital age, what is posted on social media can have a lasting impact, so it’s essential to be mindful of one’s actions and words in the online space.

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