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Drug Suspect Arrested For Possession of Narcotics Leading to Police Chase in Massachusetts

Drug Suspect Arrested After Police Chase [Photo: Shutterstock]
Drug Suspect Arrested After Police Chase [Photo: Shutterstock]

An unnamed drug suspect was arrested after discovering narcotics in a vehicle they were driving. Reports say that prior to the discovery, the drug suspect was chased by police officers for avoiding arrest.

Drug Suspect Arrested After Police Chase [Photo: Western Mass News]

Drug Suspect Arrested After Police Chase [Photo: Western Mass News]

On the afternoon of July 31, the Chicopee Police Department in Massachusetts attempted to make a traffic stop in the city for a motor vehicle violation. However, the driver of the vehicle allegedly refused to stop.

According to an article in Western Mass News, the officers of the State and the cities of Chicopee and Springfield joined forces to arrest the violator who turned out to be a drug suspect as well. Once the police chase arrived at Springfield, an officer went to the Springfield Plaza to turn around when the drug suspect’s vehicle got involved in a car crash. Thereafter, the drug suspect reportedly escaped the crash site on foot.

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Drug Suspect Arrested

An article in states that in the end, an officer was able to apprehend the drug suspect in the area around Liberty Street. A video was captured by the local media at around 2:45 p.m. when the vehicle of the drug suspect was being searched and ultimately discovered narcotics. To date, the identity of the drug suspect has not been released yet and the exact charges to be filed remains unknown.

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