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Case of Jimmy Hoffa: What FBI, DOJ Have on Disappearance, Murder of Former Teamsters President

Jimmy Hoffa [Photo: Golf Digest]
Jimmy Hoffa [Photo: Golf Digest]

Former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa went missing in 1975 and his disappearance became one of the greatest mysteries in history. To date, the FBI is still to release classified documents about the case and announce who investigators believe were the suspects.

Jimmy Hoffa [Photo: Britannica]

Jimmy Hoffa [Photo: Britannica]

The show “The Last Living Suspect” focused on Gabe Briguglio, 84, the only remaining suspect officially identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in connection with the disappearance and murder of former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa on July 30, 1975.

However, according to Shawn, Briguglio fiercely denied any allegations in connection with the case of Jimmy Hoffa. In addition, Briguglio did not face any charges in connection with the disappearance and murder of Jimmy Hoffa due to a lack of solid evidence against him.

Further reports say the allegations against Briguglio were presented to investigators by an inmate named Ralph Picardo from the city of Newark in New Jersey. Picardo allegedly fabricated the claims which labeled Briguglio as “the second suspected hitman” involved in the death of Jimmy Hoffa to avoid 25 years in prison for murder.

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Briguglio’s Defense in The Case of Jimmy Hoffa

According to Shawn, Briguglio claimed that the day Jimmy Hoffa disappeared he was in the Teamsters Union office in New Jersey playing cards. When he won $600 from playing, Briguglio alleged that he went to Jersey Home Sales to pay for his house in the city of East Rutherford. Thereafter, Briguglio stated that he returned home to his wife and children.

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