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Bank Robbery Suspect Captured in California After Falling From Ceiling Straight Into Trash Bin

Bank Robbery Suspect Captured [Photo: Yahoo News]
Bank Robbery Suspect Captured [Photo: Yahoo News]

Tristan Heidl was captured after falling from a ceiling and straight into a trash bin. Reports say the bank robbery suspect was attempting an escape from the ceiling of the bank’s drive-thru.

Bank Robbery Suspect Captured in California [Photo: Yahoo News]

Bank Robbery Suspect Captured in California [Photo: Yahoo News]

On July 27, at around 2:12 a.m., officers received an alert from the VacationLand Federal Credit Union cooperative located at 2402 University Drive East in Huron, California. Upon arriving at the location, the Huron Police Department officers could reportedly hear noises from the roof of the drive-thru area where a large trash bin is suspiciously placed under an access door.

According to Pandolfo, after the officers took a position at a safe distance, the access door allegedly popped open with a loud crash. Thereafter, a backpack was dropped from the opened access door. Once the bank robbery suspect attempted to exit, the officers swooped in and demanded he get on the ground.

Police body camera footage showed how the bank robbery suspect was startled and fell from the ceiling straight into the trash bin. The officers then handcuffed the bank robbery suspect who allegedly surrendered without incident.

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Charges Faced by Bank Robbery Suspect

According to Donlevy, the bank robbery suspect was later identified as Tristan Heidl, 27. The bank robbery suspect then faced charges of fifth-degree breaking and entering, fifth-degree possession of criminal tools, and fourth-degree safecracking. If convicted, the bank robbery suspect could face more than 3 years in prison and pay up to $10,000 in fines. To date, the bank robbery suspect is being held on a $50,000 bond at the Erie County Jail.

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