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Charles Smith to Face Life Imprisonment in Maryland 

Charles Smith
Charles Smith to Face Life Imprisonment in Maryland. (Photo: Daily News)

Charles Robert Smith, 43, a former army veteran, will be facing 42 counts of charges including three counts of first-degree murder and hate crimes for a mass shooting in Annapolis, Maryland.

Charles Smith

Charles Smith to Face Life Imprisonment in Maryland. (Photo: Stars and Stripes)

The “deadliest act of violence” according to a report can be traced back on June 11, last month in the 1000 block of Paddington Place.   

Three victims were killed in the incident, disclosed by the names, Mario Mireles, 27, Christian Segovia, 25, and Nicholas Mireles, 55,   

The report says that there were three more people who were shot but they luckily survived, and three more were allegedly assaulted.  

As per the Star and Stripes report, prior to the incident, there was already an issue of national origin between the two families involved.  

But a parking dispute between Charles Smith’s mother and Mario was the root of the incident.  

Charles Smith’s mother reportedly called the authorities to complain about the blocked driveway during which a party was at large in their neighborhood.  

Charles Smith intervened and ended up shooting the three abovementioned people.

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Charles Smith’s Grand Jury’s Rule   

Charles Smith’s initial hearing was set on Tuesday, July 31, in Anne Arundel Circuit Court. 

He is awaiting a life sentence without parole if found guilty.  

Additionally, a further sentence of up to 20 years will be added for each of his hate crime accusations.      

Charles Smith didn’t have a counsel listed. Two of his attorneys who initially defended him withdrew their involvement in the case. 

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