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Zachary Scheich of Nebraska Faces Charges of Sexual Crimes for Impersonating an Alias Zak Hess to Lure Minors

Zachary Scheich
Zachary Scheich posed as high school student to commit sex crimes. (Photo: Lutte CRW)

Zachary Scheich, 26, will be facing sexual assault and sex trafficking charges after stealing an identity by the alias Zak Hess, a 17-year-old high school student at Lincoln Public School District.

Zachary Scheich

Zachary Scheich posed as high school student to commit sex crimes. (Photo: NY Post)

Zachary Scheich’s Infiltration in Lincoln Public School District

A police report says that Scheich used an electronic device to send sexual texts to lure younger girls aged 13 to 14 to engage in sexual activity with him.  

The alleged crime was initially brought to the police track on June 1 when LPSD learned about the infiltration. 

According to People’s report, Scheich priorly enrolled in Northwest High School for the first semester of the school year 2022-2023 and eventually transferred to Southeast High School for the following semester. Scheich was also disclosed as a graduate of LPSD in 2015.   

The police described Scheich as someone who is 5’4” in height and 120 pounds in weight and who was able to blend well with other high school students for a total of 54 days (about 2 months). 

Scheich was able to infiltrate LPSD by submitting a fake birth certificate, an out-of-district high school transcript, and immunization records to the school online without parents present, per CNN published article. The incident made the school consider a change to the online enrollment process.

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Zachary Scheich’s Sexual Crimes Charges  

Lincoln police say that investigators from their Special Victim Unit are already in pursuit of any other possible victims. They demanded the public or victims who had contact with Scheich to participate in the investigation.  

Scheich was charged on Friday, July 21, with two counts of sexual assault, and one count of sex trafficking of a juvenile. All fall under felony charges.  

A report says that Scheich apparently came forward to authorities and said that he indeed pretended to be a student at the school and had sent sexual texts to the minors, but he insisted that he had not sexually assaulted any of the victims.  

A court hearing was set on Friday, July 28 while Scheich awaits a $250,000 bond. Scheich didn’t enter a plea; it was not clear if he would be represented by a counsel. 

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