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Home Invasion Suspect Arrested After Impersonating Deputy, Kidnapping 2 Individuals in Florida

Home Invasion Suspect Eric William Johnson [Photo: New York Post]
Home Invasion Suspect Eric William Johnson [Photo: New York Post]

Eric William Johnson was arrested after impersonating a deputy officer and kidnapping two individuals in Florida. Reports say along with the home invasion suspect, Maynard David Selvog was also arrested for being a principal in the first degree.

Another Home Invasion Suspect Maynard David Selvog [Photo: New York Post]

Another Home Invasion Suspect Maynard David Selvog [Photo: New York Post]

On July 19, Eric William Johnson, 32, was driven by Maynard David Selvog to a residence in Citrus County, Florida. Upon arriving, Johnson allegedly carried an AR-15-style rifle that turned out to be a rifle in airsoft. Selvog, on the other hand, remained in the driver’s seat of an SUV located near the road.

According to Wehner, while banging on the door of a camper, Johnson allegedly shouted, “Citrus County Sheriff’s Department”. The home invasion suspect then ordered the two victims to exit the camper while pointing the rifle at them. At one point, the female victim attempted to call 911 but, unfortunately, the home invasion suspect confiscated her phone.

However, when the home invasion suspect became distracted, the male victim ran to a nearby house for help. The home invasion suspect eventually chased the man to the nearby house where he, the victim, and the homeowner got into a fight. The homeowner was later able to disarm the home invasion suspect and hit him in the head with the rifle. Both Johnson and Selvog fled the crime scene thereafter.

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Charges Faced by the Home Invasion Suspect

According to Cardenas, Selvog was located at a nearby residence where he disclosed that Johnson was hiding in a nearby shed. Upon locating the home invasion suspect, the deputy officers found him holding a gun to his head. When a K9 Odie grabbed the home invasion suspect, he attempted to shoot the dog twice but the weapon malfunctioned both times.

The deputy officers then stepped in and were able to apprehend the home invasion suspect before transporting him to a nearby hospital to be treated for his injuries. In the end, the home invasion suspect faced charges of impersonating law enforcement, burglary of a dwelling while armed, home invasion robbery while armed, two counts of kidnapping to commit a felony, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault on a person older than 65, battery on a police canine, and resisting arrest.

To date, the home invasion suspect is being held at the Citrus County Detention Center with a $201,000 bond. On the other hand, Selvog also faced charges of principal in the first degree and home invasion robbery while armed and was held on a $50,000 bond.

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