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Dylan Simmons taken into custody over Darisha Vath’s hit-and-run case; bail sets at $750,000  

Darisha Vath
Darisha Vath, a victim of fatal hit-and-run case in Minnesota. (Photo: StarTribune)

Dylan Robert Simmons, 20, of North Branch, who was previously detained for traffic-related violations, according to court documents, will be charged with third-degree murder and criminal vehicular homicide in connection with the tragic death of a 17-year-old girl in Minnesota.

Dylan Robert Simmons

Dylan Simmons of North Branch was charged with third-degree murder and criminal vehicular homicide. (Photo: KARE TV)

Dylan Simmons’s hit-and-run case

Dylan Simmons purposefully rammed his Mazda sedan into the car that Darisha Bailey Vath, of Stacy, Chisago County, was in.   

According to the report, the incident happened on Sunday, July 16, at Lakeside Veteran’s Memorial Park in Forest Lake.   

Dylan Simmons went to the park to play hacky sack, Star Tribune says, but one of the groups whacked his car with a baseball bat and struck him in the arm.     

Both groups were reportedly armed with a baseball bat, a crowbar, and a folding knife, and all or most of them knew each other, CBS News Minnesota conveyed.  

Claims said that the incident started as a dispute and developed into a physical altercation.  

In the report, Dylan Simmons “intentionally drove in the direction of several people from the opposing side of the conflict” and collided with the back of another car belonging to Vath and struck her again after she came out and then sped off his sedan.  

It was around 1:00 a.m. when police found Vath on the ground receiving CPR from a bystander as numerous others surrounded her. She was pronounced dead at the scene after emergency medical personnel failed to revive her.   

A male who hopped into the car of Dylan Simmons when the situation calmed down, called a witness at the park, who persuaded the two of them to go back and which according to authorities, prompted Dylan Simmons to return to the scene and allegedly confessed to running her over on purpose.   

His first court appearance is set on July 25, Tuesday. If convicted, Dylan Simmons will be jailed for 35 years and subject to a $60,000 fine.  

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Darisha Bailey Vath’s family mourns over their bereaved daughter   

While the death of Vath piled up sympathy from other people, the incident was considered a “nightmare” by her family. Her mother, Sarath Vath expressed grief to People that she will never see, hold, and tell Vath she loves her again. Meanwhile, Vath’s father, Darius Bailey reminisced about her daughter’s aspiration of becoming a veterinarian after graduating from high school. He also said to Kare’s News that life is short and parents should spend time with their children.   

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