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ABC News Journalist Faces 5 Years Minimum After Pleading Guilty to Child Pornography Charges

ABC News Journalist James Gordon Meek [Photo: WUSA9]
ABC News Journalist James Gordon Meek [Photo: WUSA9]

James Gordon Meek pleaded guilty to charges of possessing and transporting child pornography. Reports say the ABC News journalist resigned in 2022 after joining the Washington television station in 2013.

ABC News Journalist James Gordon Meek [Photo: Rolling Stone]

ABC News Journalist James Gordon Meek [Photo: Rolling Stone]

In April 2022, the penthouse of ABC News journalist James Gordon Meek, 55, in Arlington, Virginia was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Following the raid, the ABC News journalist went into hiding and took refuge at his mom’s house in McLean.

Nonetheless, according to Parnaby, during the raid, FBI agents found several child pornography photos and videos on a laptop, on several iPhones, and on an external hard drive. Reports say the investigation started when the FBI received a tip from Dropbox that an account associated with the ABC News journalist contained videos depicting the sexual abuse of children.

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Charges Faced by ABC News Journalist

According to Davis, on July 21, during a court hearing in the city of Alexandria, the ABC News journalist admitted to possessing child pornography that spanned back at least to the year 2014. Reports say the ABC News journalist’s confession came as a part of a plea deal that could allow him to receive a shorter jail sentence than the minimum of 5 years he would face if convicted.

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