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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour On Sale; Here’s Why Swifties Are Willing to Spend Thousands on Tickets!

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour On Sale [Photo: Variety]
Taylor Swift's Eras Tour On Sale [Photo: Variety]

American singer Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has started being on sale in some countries. In this article, read and find out why Swift’s fans worldwide are willing to spend thousands of money to get a hold of tickets!

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour [Photo: Insider]

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour [Photo: Insider]

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour in the U.S. went on sale in 2022. Desperate fans of Swift, also known as “Swifties”, who missed out on the ticketing allegedly paid exorbitant amounts of money for secondhand tickets that were sold by up to a 4,000% increase.

According to Kaplan, at least two individuals reportedly spent $20,000 for the tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Professor Brett House, who teaches economics at Columbia Business School and who happens to be a Swiftie, stated that the willingness of Swift’s fans to pay an excessive amount of money for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is because of a few major factors.

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Why Spend Thousands on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

According to Bergman, one of the major factors why Swifties spent thousands on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is because, during the COVID-19 pandemic, some individuals were able to save more money than they might have in the old normal. Reportedly, part of the relief in expenses was some of the federal government’s response to the national emergency such as stimulus checks.

In addition, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most individuals’ expenses were mainly for goods and as society opened back up, spending on experiences rather than goods was prioritized. Lastly, another one of the major factors why Swifties spent thousands on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is because of the basic supply and demand. As Swift got to a certain level of fame, it is impossible to be able to accommodate every fan. This suggests that the more scarce the Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is, the higher its tickets can be priced.

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