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Ban on Gender Affirming Care Enforced in Kentucky As Federal Judge Withdraws Injunction

Gender Affirming Care [Photo: civhc]
Gender Affirming Care [Photo: civhc]

The ban on gender affirming care for the transgender youth in Kentucky was once again enforced. This move came after a federal judge withdrew his injunction that temporarily blocked the restrictions.

Transgender Youth on Gender Affirming Care in Kentucky [Photo: NBC News]

Transgender Youth on Gender Affirming Care in Kentucky [Photo: NBC News]

On July 14, the ban on genderaffirming care for the young transgenders in Kentucky was reimposed. Reports say a federal judge withdrew an injunction issued last June that had temporarily blocked the restrictions on gender affirming care.

According to Schreiner, when U.S. District Judge David Hale’s most recent ruling went into effect, the state of Kentucky will prevent the young transgenders from being able to access hormone therapy and puberty blockers. Hale’s withdrawal of his own injunction came almost a week after the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overruled a similar injunction in Tennessee.

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Other States Banning Gender Affirming Care

According to Roush, at least 20 U.S. states have already enacted laws that banned gender affirming care for the young transgenders. These states include West Virginia, South Dakota, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Missouri, Mississippi, Iowa, Indiana, Idaho, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, and Alabama.

Reports say a federal judge in Arkansas blocked its ban on gender affirming care as unconstitutional. The state of Oklahoma has decided not to implement its ban on gender affirming care as opponents sought a court order to block it. Last but not the least, a federal judge has also blocked the state of Florida from implementing its ban on three children who have challenged the law.

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