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Double Murder Suspect Alex Murdaugh’s Short Phone Call With Other Son Released to Public

Double Murder Suspect Alex Murdaugh [Photo: CNN]
Double Murder Suspect Alex Murdaugh [Photo: CNN]

Alex Murdaugh’s short phone call with his other son, Buster, was released to the public. Reports say the double murder suspect was sentenced to two life sentences for killing his wife and youngest son, Paul.

Double Murder Suspect Alex Murdaugh with Family [Photo: People]

Double Murder Suspect Alex Murdaugh with Family [Photo: People]

An article in New York Post states that on May 16, double murder suspect Alex Murdaugh placed a free prison call to his other son, Buster, which lasted for 42 seconds only. Reports say the records were the first time the public had heard of the double murder suspect since Judge Clifton Newman punished him with two life sentences last March.

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Double Murder Suspect’s Call with Son

According to Gallagher, the double murder suspect opens the call with Buster with a greeting. However, Buster sounded as if he was in a haste as he responded that he just boarded a ferry to return to Hilton Head from Daufuskie Island.

Nonetheless, the double murder suspect states he has been trying to call Buster while he was with Jim who most likely refers to the double murder suspect’s attorney Jim Griffin. In addition, the double murder suspect asks Buster if Griffin had talked to him about something that he told the lawyer.

Unfortunately, Buster still sounded to be in a haste as he replies he does not understand what his father is trying to say. Nonetheless, the double murder suspect states that he will talk with Griffin and that the lawyer will be in touch with Buster.

Several seconds thereafter, the double murder suspect could be heard saying, “Love you”. Buster replied, “Love you, too.” to which his father responds, “Proud of you.” The call then ends with a “Thanks” from Buster that sounded awkward and forced.

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