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Homicide Suspect Escapes Pennsylvania Prison to Wilderness, Attempts to Survive With Little Support

Homicide Suspect Michael Burham [Photo: WCBD]
Homicide Suspect Michael Burham [Photo: WCBD]

Michael Burham used bed sheets to escape Warren County jail last week. Reports say the homicide suspect camped in the woods of northwest Pennsylvania to avoid being captured and survive even with little support.

Pennsylvania Woods Where Homicide Suspect Escaped To [Photo: Washington Post]

Pennsylvania Woods Where Homicide Suspect Escaped To [Photo: Washington Post]

In June, Michael Burham, 34, was the primary suspect in the murder of Kala Hodgkin, 34, last May 11 and the arson in the city of Jamestown in New York that was in connection with the murder. Thereafter, Burham faced charges of burglary, kidnapping, and other counts and was being held on a bond worth $1 million.

An article in Yahoo News states that the homicide suspect was also charged with kidnapping after abducting an elderly couple while avoiding capture in Pennsylvania and  before he was eventually arrested in South Carolina.

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Homicide Suspect Escapes Prison

According to an article in WTVM, in the evening of July 6, the homicide suspect escaped the Warren County jail in northwest Pennsylvania by climbing on an exercise equipment, passing through a window, and descending a rope made from bed sheets.

In a news conference, Lt. Col. George Bivens, reiterated that authorities believe the homicide suspect is still in the area. In addition, they also believe that the homicide suspect is receiving help to avoid capture as small stockpiles or campsites are discovered in the wooded areas of northwest Pennsylvania.

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