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$3,284 Permanent Fund Dividend Being Issued In Alaska— See Who Receives Them!

Permanent Fund Dividend [Photo: YouTube]
Permanent Fund Dividend [Photo: YouTube]

A Permanent Fund Dividend of up to $3,284 is being distributed in the state of Alaska. In this article, read and find out who is eligible to receive the dividends!

Permanent Fund Dividend [Photo: Juneau Empire]

Permanent Fund Dividend [Photo: Juneau Empire]

Residents of Alaska who were classified as “eligible-not paid” last June 7 started receiving their Permanent Fund Dividend payments on June 15. Reports say the Permanent Fund Dividend is a part of the state of Alaska’s revenue in gas and oil which will be worth up to $3,284.

Unfortunately, according to LaPonsie, $2,662 of the $3,284 Permanent Fund Dividend is appraised as taxable income. The remaining $662 is exempted from taxation because it is deemed energy relief.

Furthermore, despite receiving Permanent Fund Dividend payments, some Alaskans have still been listed as “eligible-not paid”. More recipients are still expected to receive the Permanent Fund Dividend payments this July as well.

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Eligibility Requirements for Permanent Fund Dividend 

According to Johnson, in order to be eligible for the Permanent Fund Dividend, an applicant must have lived in Alaska throughout the entire year that the Permanent Fund Dividend payments were being issued in the state. In addition to filing the state income taxes by the deadline last March 31, an applicant must have also submitted an application for the Permanent Fund Dividend.

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