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Gilgo Beach Murders: Police Arrested The Suspect Of The Serial Killings Found In Long Island’s Gilgo Beach

Gilgo Beach murders
Police Arrested The Suspect Of The Serial Killings Found In Long Island's Gilgo Beach (PHOTO: All That's Interesting)

Police in New York have taken a person into custody in connection with the Gilgo Beach murders of at least 11 bodies found on the beach more than a decade ago.

 Gilgo Beach murders

Police Arrested The Suspect Of The Serial Killings Found In Long Island’s Gilgo Beach
(PHOTO: New York Post)

The Gilgo Beach Murders

The suspect of the Gilgo Beach murders was identified as Rex Heuermann 59 years old Thursday night in Manhattan, according to several law enforcement sources told CBS New York.

On Friday, officers converged on a small red house that had been raided earlier in the morning in Massapequa and Investigators were seen outside the home, which appeared to be in disrepair.

Neighbor Gabriella Libardi said that the house sticks out like a sore thumb and there were overgrown shrubs, there was always wood in front of the house.

Other neighbors claimed that Heuermann always looked like a businessman but his house looks is a dump.

The sister of Shannan Gilbert, was the first of the 11 victims discovered slaughtered, said she was “relieved that they finally caught the serial killer.”

Heuermann’s arrest came after a spokesperson for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office said Friday morning there was a significant development in the Gilgo Beach murders case but refused to further comment until after a court proceeding later this morning.

Heuermann’s friends were shocked at his arrest stating that he owns a Manhattan architecture firm and belonged to a New York City-based networking group known as The Dream Team.

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11 Sets Of Human Remains Found In Long Island Gilgo Beach

A total of 11 sets of human remains have been discovered on a stretch of highway in Suffolk County after police began searching along Ocean Parkway for the 24-year-old prostitute from New Jersey Gilbert, who disappeared in 2010 after vacating a client’s house in Oak Beach.

During the search, the remains of 24 years old Melissa Barthelemy, were discovered on December 11, 2010, and two days later, three more bodies were found and identified as Megan Waterman, 22, Amber Lynn Costello, 27, and Maureen Brainard-Barnes, 25.

 Suffolk police found the partial remains of Jessica Taylor in March 2011, along Ocean Parkway. Police said in 2020, that human remains that belonged to Taylor were seen in Manorville.

In April 2011, police found three different sets of remains. They were Valerie Mack, 24, a female toddler, and a man.

The shocking discoveries did not but continued when two more human remains were found in Nassau County.

Police in Oak Beach in December 2011, eventually found Gilbert’s remains, According to NBC New York, Gilbert was not the only victim who was a sex worker.

In May 2022, Suffolk County police released a 911 audio recording that linked to Gilbert’s disappearance. She initially reached 911 from inside the home of a client, Joseph Brewer, in Oak Beach shortly before 5 am in 2010.

Gilbert said to the dispatcher multiple times that somebody is after her but was not able to ]specify where she was but claimed that she was on Long Island.

The development comes after a multi-agency task force made up of the FBI, New York State Police, and Suffolk County authorities was established in February 2022 to “reinvigorate” the investigation.

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