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Suspect of Attempted Abduction of Teenage Girl in Pennsylvania Had 28 Pages of Criminal Record

Attempted Abduction Suspect [Photo: CBS News]
Attempted Abduction Suspect [Photo: CBS News]

Khalilh Evans was arrested after an attempted abduction of a teenage girl at a mall in Pennsylvania. Further reports say the suspect had a criminal record of 28 pages long.

Suspect Accused of Attempted Abduction [Photo: Fox 29]

Suspect Accused of Attempted Abduction [Photo: Fox 29]

On July 13, an unnamed 14-year-old girl became a victim of an attempted abduction at the Willow Grove Park Mall in Pennsylvania. Reports say before the attempted abduction took place, the teenage girl became separated from her friends while shopping.

Fortunately, according to Betz, on the same day, the suspect of the attempted abduction was arrested after contacting his attorney and turning himself in. Nonetheless, the U.S. Marshal’s Office and the Philadelphia Police Department have assisted in the arrest of the attempted abduction suspect.

Detectives in Abington later identified the attempted abduction suspect as Khalilh Evans, 44. Thereafter, the attempted abduction suspect faced charges of false imprisonment of a minor which is a second-degree felony. To date, the attempted abduction suspect is being held at the Abington Police Department while awaiting arraignment by a judge.

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Attempted Abduction Suspect’s Criminal Record

An article in Fox 29 states that on July 13, at a press conference, Police Chief Patrick Mallow of Abington stated that the attempted abduction suspect had a criminal record of 28 pages long. Reportedly, the attempted abduction suspect’s record included terroristic threats, aggravated assault, possession of firearms, and several weapons offenses.

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