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Shane McMillan Attacked Larry Nassar; Stabbing Him With A Makeshift Weapon!

Shane McMillan Attacked Larry Nassar
Shane McMillan Attacked Larry Nassar; Stabbing Him With A Makeshift Weapon! (PHOTO: WSAZ)

In a shocking incident at a federal penitentiary in Florida, Shane McMillan allegedly attacked disgraced former sports doctor Larry Nassar, stabbing him multiple times with a makeshift weapon.

Shane McMillan Attacked Larry Nassar

Shane McMillan Attacked Larry Nassar; Stabbing Him With A Makeshift Weapon! (PHOTO: The Daily Beast)

Why did Shane McMillan Attack, Larry Nassar?

The attack occurred in Nassar’s cell while they were watching a Wimbledon tennis match on TV. Shane McMillan claimed that Nassar provoked the attack by making a lewd comment during the match, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The assault took place on Sunday, with Shane McMillan stabbing Nassar in the neck, chest, and back, according to CBS News. Four other inmates intervened and pulled Shane McMillan off of Nassar. Correctional officers responded promptly and provided life-saving measures before Nassar was transported to a hospital. As of Wednesday, Nassar remained in stable condition, although he sustained injuries such as a collapsed lung.

Since the attack occurred within Nassar’s cell, it was not captured on surveillance cameras, which are typically directed at common areas and corridors rather than individual cells. The incident highlights ongoing issues within the federal Bureau of Prisons, including violence, staff shortages, and the inability to ensure the safety of high-profile prisoners.

Shane McMillan, 49, reportedly told prison officials that he attacked Nassar because of a comment the former gymnastics team doctor made about wanting to see girls playing in the Wimbledon women’s match. Shane McMillan, who is scheduled to be released from prison in May 2046, has a history of criminal offenses, including conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.

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Shane McMillan’s Attack on Nassar

The attack on Nassar serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by the Bureau of Prisons in maintaining security and adequately staffing correctional facilities. The agency acknowledges the need to increase staffing levels and is actively recruiting officers while offering financial incentives to retain employees. Additionally, the Bureau of Prisons is committed to addressing violence within its facilities but did not provide specific details.

As the investigation into the attack continues, Shane McMillan’s charges and potential convictions may affect his release date. The incident sheds light on the safety concerns surrounding high-profile prisoners and emphasizes the importance of ensuring their security while in custody.

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