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Wichita Hospital Sued After 76-Year-Old Woman Claims Man Sexually Assaulted Her In Hospital Room

Wichita Hospital [Photo: KWCH]
Wichita Hospital [Photo: KWCH]

An unnamed 76-year-old woman sued the Ascension Via Christi Hospital in Wichita after a man sexually assaulted her in one of the hospital’s rooms. The woman blamed the negligence of the facility for the series of sexual assaults that happened in the Wichita hospital.

Miguel Rodela Sexually Assaulted Patients in Wichita Hospital [Photo: KAKE]

Miguel Rodela Sexually Assaulted Patients in Wichita Hospital [Photo: KAKE]

On June 15, at around 1 a.m., an unnamed 76-year-old patient in the Wichita hospital awoke to a man manipulating her catheter. A nurse from the Wichita hospital walked into the room but allegedly left when the man claimed that he was a nursing student. However, the female patient hit the call button to get the Wichita hospital nurse to return which made the man leave.

In addition, an article in states that a nurse technician from the Wichita hospital found the same man embracing an 82-year-old woman with his hands under her blankets. Soon thereafter, a security officer from the Wichita hospital spotted the same man on top of a 47-year-old woman with his hands up her shirt.

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Wichita Hospital Sued

According to Leiker, following the man’s arrest on the same day of the incidents, he was eventually identified as Miguel Rodela, 28, who was neither a patient nor an employee of the Wichita hospital. Rodela then faced charges of multiple counts of battery, attempted rape, and rape and was imprisoned with a $250,000 bond. On July 10, the 76-year-old patient filed a lawsuit against the Ascension Via Christi Hospital in Wichita pursuing an excess of $75,000.

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