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Exploring Worst Places to Live in Arkansas: Check Here! 

Here are 5 Worst Places to Live in Arkansas. (Photo: Only In Your State)
Here are 5 Worst Places to Live in Arkansas. (Photo: Only In Your State)

The state of Arkansas offers a diverse range of cities and towns, each with its unique qualities. However, like any other state, there are worst places to live in Arkansas due to various factors such as crime rates, unemployment, and economic challenges.

Here are 5 Worst Places to Live in Arkansas. (Photo: Only In Your State)

Here are 5 Worst Places to Live in Arkansas. (Photo: Only In Your State)

5 Worst Places to Live in Arkansas

According to a published article, if you’re considering a move, it’s crucial to be well-informed about the worst places to live in Arkansas.

To assist you in your decision-making process, here are the 5 worst places to live in Arkansas.

1. West Memphis

West Memphis is topping the list of worst places to live in Arkansas, a city with a population of slightly over 25,000. West Memphis has gained notoriety due to its high crime rate, ranking third in the state. This unfortunate circumstance makes it a less safe place to call home.

Additionally, the city faces economic challenges, with an unemployment rate of 10.9 percent, making it the fifth-highest in Arkansas. However, it’s worth noting that the median household income in West Memphis helps offset the issue of low median house values.

2. Camden

In recent years, Camden has consistently ranked among the top five worst places to live in Arkansas. The city faces significant issues related to crime, with rates ranking 13th highest in the state. Unemployment is another concern, as seven percent of its residents are currently unemployed.

Moreover, a staggering 31.4 percent of Camden’s population lives below the poverty line. These factors contribute to Camden having the fourth-lowest median house value in the state, averaging $76,300.

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3. Helena-West Helena

Helena-West Helena faces limited employment opportunities, which is a significant challenge for its approximately 11,000 residents which made this place included in the list of worst places to live in Arkansas. With a 12.2 percent unemployment rate, the city holds the second-worst position in terms of unemployment rates in Arkansas.

Both the median household income and median house value in Helena-West Helena are considerably lower than the state average, reflecting the area’s struggling economy. Crime is another prevalent issue, with the city ranking fourth highest for violent crime rates and 14th highest for property crime rates in Arkansas.

4. Blytheville

Blytheville stands out as a city with a combined property and violent crime rate that ranks fifth highest in the state. Living in Blytheville presents a one in 17.1 risks of being robbed, making it a less safe place to reside. High crime rates aside, the city faces other challenges.

With a 10.2 percent unemployment rate, it ranks sixth highest in Arkansas. Additionally, the median household income barely surpasses the poverty line, while the median house price is the ninth lowest in the state.

5. Osceola

Osceola manages to avoid a higher ranking among the worst places to live in Arkansas primarily due to its relatively higher median household income compared to other cities on this list. However, this does not exempt Osceola from significant concerns.

The city faces the third-worst unemployment rate in Arkansas, with nearly 12 percent of its residents being unemployed. Additionally, Osceola ranks seventh in the state for combined violent and property crime rates, further highlighting the safety concerns associated with residing there.

When considering a move to Arkansas, it is essential to thoroughly research and evaluate the different areas to make an informed decision about where you choose to live. While the aforementioned cities have their challenges, Arkansas also offers many desirable locations that may better suit your needs and preferences.

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