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Patrick Crusius Gets 90 consecutive life sentences And Might Also Face Death Penalty 

Patrick Crusius
Patrick Crusius, The El Paso Walmart Shooter Gets 90 consecutive life sentences And Might Also Face Death Penalty (PHOTO: KRDO)

Friday, Patrick Crusius just gets a 90 consecutive life sentence after he murdered 23 people in a racist attack on Hispanic shoppers at Walmart but could still face more punishment, including the death penalty.

Patrick Crusius

Patrick Crusius, The El Paso Walmart Shooter Gets 90 consecutive life sentences And Might Also Face Death Penalty (PHOTO: New York Post)

Patrick Crusius Might Also Face Death Penalty

Patrick Crusius, 24 years old pleaded guilty to his crimes earlier this year to nearly 50 federal hate crime charges in the 2019 mass shooting at Walmart in El Paso, making it one of the US government’s largest hate crime cases.

Patrick Crusius wearing a jumpsuit and shackles did not say anything during the hearing and showed no reaction as the sentence was read o him.

AP news reported that Judge David Guaderrama the U.S. District recommended that Patrick Crusius serve his sentence at a maximum security prison in Colorado and receive treatment and counseling for a severe mental health condition.

Patrick Crusius still faces a separate trial in a Texas court that could end with him getting the death penalty for his deadliest mass shootings in US history.

According to Police that Crusius drove more than 700 miles from his home near Dallas to target Hispanics with an AK-style rifle inside and at the parking lot of the store.

In the years since the shooting incident, Republicans have described migrants crossing the southern US border as an “invasion,” waving off critics who say the rhetoric fuels anti-immigrant views and violence.

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Patrick Crusius pleaded guilty in February after federal prosecutors decided to remove the death penalty but Texas prosecutors have said they will try to put Crusius on death row when he stands trial in state court. However, the trial date has not yet been set.

In the US government’s case, Crusius received a life sentence for each of the 90 charges against him, half of which were classified as hate crimes. Attorney General Merrick Garland said after the sentencing that there should be no people in this country who have to live in fear of hate-fueled violence.

Patrick Crusius’ attorney Joe Spencer, told the judge before the sentencing that his client had a “broken brain.” He said Crusius had arrived in El Paso without any specific target in mind before winding up at Walmart.

Spencer stated that Patrick Crusius became alarmed by his violent thoughts and he once left a job at a movie theater because of them. Spencer also claimed that his client also searched online to look for ways to address his mental health, and he dropped out of a community college near Dallas because of his mental struggles.

The sentencing in El Paso followed two days of impact statements from the families of the victims, including citizens of Mexico and a German national. In addition to the dead, more than two dozen people were wounded and numerous others were severely traumatized as they hid or ran.

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