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Mass Shooting In Baltimore Leaves 2 Dead, 28 Wounded!

Mass Shooting In Baltimore
Mass Shooting In Baltimore Leaves 2 Dead, 28 Wounded! (PHOTO:

On Sunday morning, a mass shooting in Baltimore takes place during a block party. The incident leaves with at least 2 dead and 28 wounded.

Mass Shooting In Baltimore

Mass Shooting In Baltimore Leaves 2 Dead, 28 Wounded! (PHOTO: NPR)

Mass Shooting In Baltimore During Brooklyn Day

CBS News reported that the mass shooting in Baltimore happened at a gathering who is called to be “Brooklyn Day”, a cookout event that is held annually for 27 years in the neighborhood. Hundreds of kids attended the gathering.

Baltimore police responded to the mass shooting in Baltimore at 12:35 a.m. A woman who is 18 years old died at the scene and a 20-year-old died at a local hospital later on after the mass shooting in Baltimore.

When police officers arrived at the scene, multiple victims have suffered from gunshot wounds, 9 victims were transported to the nearest hospital while other injured victims walked into various hospitals in the area, Baltimore City Police Commissioner Richard Worley confirmed.

All in all, 30 people were shot at the mass shooting in Baltimore ages 13-32 years old. 14 of the victims are under the age of 18. There were two shooters according to the police and they continue to investigate if there were more shooters.

Officials are now confirming and reviewing video clips and interviewing victims since no arrest had been made. The reward has been set at $28,000 from the initial $8,000 to anyone who had information about the shooters. Authorities can be contacted at 410-396-2100 or report tips to Metro Crime Stoppers either online or by phone.

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Mass Shooting In Baltimore

Officers confirmed that they are not aware of the “Brooklyn Day” until the mass shooting in Baltimore happened. Police are doubling their efforts to find who trafficked the gun used in the mass shooting in Baltimore and hold them accountable.

Mayor Brandon Scott said that in reducing gun violence, the community must not just rely on police officers but the community groups must also take action, especially government agencies. He also urges the Congress to take action.

Mayor Scott added that Congress needs to enact gun laws to prevent mass shootings like this from happening again. He suggested that a young person should easily go online and purchase a gun.

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