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Up to $1,400 in Tax Rebates 2023 for E-Bikes in Colorado— See Who Qualifies!

Tax Rebates 2023 [Photo: Shutterstock]
Tax Rebates 2023 [Photo: Shutterstock]

Up to $1,400 in Tax Rebates 2023 will be distributed in Colorado for e-bikes and cargo e-bikes. In this article, read and find out who will qualify for the tax rebates!

Tax Rebates 2023 for E-Bikes [Photo:]

Tax Rebates 2023 for E-Bikes [Photo:]

Applications for the Tax Rebates 2023 in the city of Boulder in Colorado will be opening in 6 days, on July 6. Thereafter, the residents will have only thirteen days until July 19 to apply for the vouchers that intend to reduce the price of e-bikes and cargo e-bikes.

According to Johnson, all residents of Boulder who own regular e-bikes can apply for the Tax Rebates 2023 vouchers worth $300, while those who own cargo e-bikes can apply for $500 rebates. On the other hand, applicants whose incomes are eligible can receive $1,200 for e-bikes and $1,400 for cargo e-bikes. In addition, applicants can receive an additional $200 for other bike-related purchases such as helmets.

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Who will qualify for the Tax Rebates 2023?

According to Anastasio, to be able to qualify for the Tax Rebates 2023, an applicant whose income is qualified must earn a household income less than 80% of the area median. This suggests that a household with one member must earn less than $66,700 to be eligible.

Reportedly, the funds for the Tax Rebates 2023 will come from the city’s newly administered Climate Tax which is expected to raise $6.5 million every year. In July, applicants will be selected randomly via a lottery. Once chosen, recipients can present the vouchers at e-bike dealers to redeem the discount.

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