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Second Special Session Demanded by Texas Governor to Discuss Property Tax Relief

Second Special Session [Photo: KSAT 12]
Second Special Session [Photo: KSAT 12]

Governor Abbott of Texas announced a second Special Session to discuss the property tax relief in the state. Reports say the House and the Senate each passed a property tax relief bill during the first Special.

Texas Governor on Second Special Session [Photo:]

Texas Governor on Second Special Session [Photo:]

On June 27, as soon as the first Special ended, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas demanded a second Special Session which requires state lawmakers to return to the city of Austin. Reportedly, Abbott’s first Special Session involved two agendas— the property tax relief and more severe penalties for smugglers.

According to Heinz, during the first Special Session, both the House and the Senate separately passed a property tax relief bill. However, both bills were at a standstill throughout the month after the House left the decision in the hands of the Senate last May 29.

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Second Special Session

An article in states that Abbott announced that the Special Session is intended to provide permanent property tax cuts for the residents of the state. Reportedly, the first Special had been limited to the only tax relief plan that both chambers have agreed on— the school property tax rate cuts.

Nonetheless, for the second Special Session, Abbott is asking lawmakers to focus on two agendas that both discuss property taxes. This suggests that Abbott wants lawmakers to eliminate the school district M&O taxes and use compression to lessen the school district property tax rate

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