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Applications for LIHEAP Payments to Help Settle Utility Bills Close in Three Days!

LIHEAP Payments [Photo: Bradigan's Inc.]
LIHEAP Payments [Photo: Bradigan's Inc.]

The applications for the LIHEAP payments are scheduled to close in three days, on June 30. In this article, read and find out who qualifies for the payments to help with the utility bills!

LIHEAP Payments [Photo: MARCA]

LIHEAP Payments [Photo: MARCA]

LIHEAP payments are the U.S. federal government’s financial assistance program for Americans who are struggling to settle their utility bills. It provides assistance to impoverished families with energy bills and crises and energy-related home repairs.

According to Birle, each U.S. state administers the LIHEAP payments differently. In the state of Georgia, the payments are only for heating and cooling costs. This means that other household costs like water or sewage bills are not included. The Division of Family and Children Services will open its applications for the program only until June 30.

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Who will qualify for the LIHEAP payments?

According to Knox, to be able to qualify for the LIHEAP payments, an individual must be a citizen of the U.S. In addition, their household must earn a gross income of at least 60% below Georgia’s median income every year.

Unfortunately, only a limited number of individuals will be accepted because of insufficient funding. On average, LIHEAP payments will be received by around 20% of those who have applied for the program. Once the funds are exhausted, a new package must be awaited to be authorized by the U.S. Congress.

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