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Up To $302 Food Rebate In Colorado: Apply Now!

Food Rebate In Colorado
Up To $302 Food Rebate In Colorado (PHOTO: LifeStyle UG)

Residents of Boulder, Colorado, have the opportunity to receive a food rebate of up to $99 for individuals and $302 for families through the city’s Food Tax Rebate Program, The U.S. Sun reported.

 Food Rebate In Colorado

Up To $302 Food Rebate In Colorado (PHOTO: The US Sun)

Up To $302 Food Rebate In Colorado

This program aims to assist low-income residents by offsetting the taxes they paid on food.

To be eligible for the rebate, applicants must have resided in Boulder for the entire 2022 calendar year. There are income limits in place, with $43,900 as the maximum income for individuals and $62,700 for a family of four. For households of two and three, the income limits are $50,200 and $56,450 respectively.

In addition to meeting the income criteria, applicants must fulfill one of the following requirements: be 62 years of age or older, have a disability, or have children under the age of 18 living in the household during 2022. The food rebate in Colorado will end its application on June 30.

Eligible residents can apply conveniently online or download an application form to submit via mail. For those choosing to mail their applications, they must ensure that it is received or postmarked by June 30, 2023.

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Food Rebate In Colorado

This food rebate in Colorado serves as a valuable resource for eligible individuals and families, providing financial relief and support for accessing essential food items in the city.

Eligible residents must take advantage of this opportunity by submitting their applications before the deadline.

Don’t miss out on the chance to receive up to $302 in food rebates in Colorado. Apply now to benefit from this program and alleviate the burden of food taxes on your household budget. Act quickly, as the deadline is approaching. Apply online or submit your application by mail to secure your rebate and improve your access to nutritious meals.

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