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Video Shows Mexican Cartel Threatening, Extorting Money from Bar Hostesses

Mexican Cartel The Jalisco New Generation [Photo: CBS News]
Mexican Cartel The Jalisco New Generation [Photo: CBS News]

Gunmen from a Mexican cartel, the Jalisco, were seen in a video threatening and extorting money from bar hostesses. Reports say the Jalisco New Generation is one of the cartels that waged war in Guanajuato for several years.

Mexican Cartel Threatens and Extorts Money from Bar Hostesses [Photo: Fox News]

Mexican Cartel Threatens and Extorts Money from Bar Hostesses [Photo: Fox News]

On June 23, authorities in Mexico are investigating a video posted on social media that showed gunmen from a Mexican cartel coercing female bar hostesses to kneel on the floor. One of the gunmen was seen forcing one of the women to lie flat on the floor with his foot on her shoulder.

An article in Fox News states that a masked gunman claimed that the owner of the bar is the CJNG which refers to the Mexican cartel Jalisco New Generation. The gunman added that the hostesses and waitresses have to report to them every week, forcing them to pay protection money.

Along with the extortion of money, the Mexican cartel will allegedly provide bracelets to indicate who has paid and who has not. Consequently, those who do not pay were threatened to be killed.

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Mexican Cartel Jalisco

According to an article in CBS News, the Jalisco is a Mexican cartel that has waged a turf war in the north-central part of the city of Guanajuato for several years. Reports say the city has the highest number of homicides in the state.

Furthermore, the Mexican cartel is expanding into extortion of protection money and kidnapping from all types of businesses including immigrant smugglers. In 2022, some migrants were provided with bracelets to identify which gang had smuggled them or where they were headed.

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