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As Rent Prices Increase, Evictions Rise to 50% More in Some U.S. Cities Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

Eviction Notice as Rent Prices Increased [Photo: Shutterstock]
Eviction Notice as Rent Prices Increased [Photo: Shutterstock]

Evictions throughout the country rose to 50% more as landlords increased rent prices. In this article, read and find out which cities in the U.S. suffer from more evictions after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rent Prices Increased [Photo: LinkedIn]

Rent Prices Increased [Photo: LinkedIn]

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, evictions throughout the U.S. have risen by 50% due to rent prices increasing suddenly and tenants’ temporary benefits expiring. The Eviction Lab at Princeton University which keeps tabs on the filings in almost three dozen cities and ten states reveal that landlords file nearly 3.6 million eviction cases every year.

An article in the AP News states that the most recent data matches the trends that began in 2022. Reportedly, the Eviction Lab discovered that almost 970,000 eviction cases were filed in locations that also experienced a 78.6% increase compared to the year 2021. This was despite most of the country was following a temporary suspension in evictions.

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Cities Affected Most by Increase in Rent Prices

According to Beschizza, among the cities in the U.S., the most heavily affected by the increase in rent prices was the city of Houston in Texas. Reports say the eviction cases were 56% higher in April and 50% higher in May.

Furthermore, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota experienced a rise in eviction cases by 106% in March, 55% in April, and 63% in May. Also in May, the cases in the city of Nashville in Tennessee increased by 35%, the city of Phoenix in Arizona by 33%, and the state of Rhode Island by 32%.

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