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Up to $600 in LIHEAP Payments to Help Pay Utility Costs in California— See Who Qualifies!

LIHEAP Payments [Photo: North Penn Legal Services]
LIHEAP Payments [Photo: North Penn Legal Services]

Up to $600 in LIHEAP payments will be provided to help pay utility costs in California. In this article, read and find out who will qualify for these payments!

LIHEAP Payments for Utility Costs [Photo: Panhandle Community Services]

LIHEAP Payments for Utility Costs [Photo: Panhandle Community Services]

The residents in some counties in California can apply for LIHEAP payments that will provide up to $600 to help pay for utility expenses. The counties include Sacramento, Sutter, and Yuba whose residents will receive the payments every 12 months.

According to Notheis, the LIHEAP payments are also available to the customers of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. In addition, any resident who heats their house using wood, oil, or propane can also avail of the payments.

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Who will qualify for the LIHEAP payments?

According to Hayat, to qualify for the LIHEAP payments, an individual must reside in one of the counties previously mentioned above. They must also have a valid Social Security card or number and present identification through a valid U.S. identification, California ID, and driver’s license. In addition, they must provide the pay stubs from the past six weeks and the copies of all their current utility bills.

An individual must also earn a household income that is considered to be low. However, the basis may vary depending on how many members there are in an applicant’s household. A household with one member must earn less than $2,700.17 per month, while a household with ten members must earn less than $7,477.56.

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