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Uber Passenger Kills Driver Believing She Was Being Kidnapped, Faces Murder Charges!

An Uber passenger woman is facing murder charges after shooting her Uber driver in the head last week after she claims she thought she was being kidnapped. (Photo: People)
An Uber passenger woman is facing murder charges after shooting her Uber driver in the head last week after she claims she thought she was being kidnapped. (Photo: People)

An Uber passenger woman has been charged with murder after fatally shooting her Uber driver in the head, claiming she believed she was being kidnapped.

Daniel Garcia. (PHOTO: GOFUNDME)

Daniel Garcia. (PHOTO: GOFUNDME)

Uber Passenger Shoots Driver Believing She Was Being Kidnapped

The incident occurred last week in El Paso, Texas, and has left both families involved devastated.

The accused Uber passenger, Phoebe Copas, a 48-year-old woman from Kentucky who was visiting her boyfriend in Texas, had summoned an Uber to transport her to a local casino, according to KFOX14.

However, according to police reports, her anxiety escalated when she noticed highway signs for “Juarez, Mexico.”

In a state of panic, the accused Uber passenger allegedly pulled out a revolver and shot the driver, 52-year-old Daniel Piedra Garcia, in the back of the head and wrist, causing the car to crash, PEOPLE reported.

Tragically, Daniel Piedra Garcia succumbed to his injuries and was taken off life support, leaving behind a devastated family.

His wife, Ana Piedra, described him as the sole provider for their family and expressed the joy he had found in his work as an Uber driver, especially after recovering from a previous knee injury that had required surgery.

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Uber Passenger Faces Murder Charges

The accused Uber passenger, Phoebe Copas now faces murder charges and is currently held on a $1.5 million bond.

The investigation carried out by the El Paso Police Department has revealed that there was no evidence of a kidnapping attempt or any deviation from the accused Uber passenger’ intended destination.

During the investigation, it becomes increasingly apparent that the driver, a hardworking family man, was simply doing his job and had no intentions other than safely reaching the Uber passenger’s destination.

Authorities have confirmed that Daniel Piedra Garcia was simply following the directions provided by the Uber app, and there was no malicious intent on his part.

Didi Lopez, Daniel Piedra Garcia’s niece, expressed her disbelief at the situation, emphasizing that nobody could have imagined such a horrific outcome. She believes that stereotypes and misconceptions about the border region played a role in Uber passenger Copas’ mistaken assumption that she was in danger.

Lopez further highlighted the importance of gaining accurate information before making judgments or forming opinions about unfamiliar places.

She stressed that relying on the news or social media without firsthand knowledge can perpetuate false narratives and lead to tragic consequences, as demonstrated in this heartbreaking incident.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cope with the financial burden they now face.

As the case progresses, it remains unclear whether Uber passenger Phoebe Copas has entered a plea or obtained legal representation.

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