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Doerman Brothers Shot To Death By Own Father In Monroe Township!

Doerman Brothers Shot To Death
Doerman Brothers Shot To Death By Own Father In Monroe Township! (PHOTO: Christian Post)

In a heart-wrenching incident, the Doerman brothers tragically lost their lives as they were shot to death by their father in their home in Monroe Township. According to prosecutors, the boys, aged 3, 4, and 7, were shot execution style, People News reported.

Doerman Brothers Shot To Death

Doerman Brothers Shot To Death By Own Father In Monroe Township! (PHOTO: WCPO)

Doerman Brothers Shot To Death By Own Father

The details surrounding this devastating incident are truly heartbreaking. The Doerman brothers were inseparable and enjoyed playing in their yard. Unfortunately, it was in that very yard where their lives were cut short. The family has chosen to keep the names of the boys undisclosed.

The father, Chad Doerman, allegedly lined up the boys and proceeded to shoot them execution-style. One of the boys attempted to flee, but Doerman pursued him and shot him as well. Chad Doerman has been charged with three counts of aggravated murder and is currently being held at the Clermont County Jail on a $20 million bond.

The entire community, as well as the boys’ family, is mourning the loss of the Doerman brothers, who tragically met their demise at the hands of their father. To honor their memory, the New Richmond Youth Sports Association is organizing a memorial at the New Richmond Youth Ballfields. This event will also serve as an opportunity to express gratitude towards the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, Monroe Township Fire Department, and other first responders.

Additionally, the association is selling t-shirts dedicated to the boys’ memories, with all proceeds going to the family. A GoFundMe page has also been set up by the boys’ aunt to help cover the funeral expenses.

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Doerman Brothers Memories

Through these efforts, the world will come to know how amazing these boys were. Their aunt and their mother’s sister, Rachel Brown, emphasized that they were happy, funny, kind, and loving boys. They enjoyed fishing and playing ball, and their laughter brightened the lives of those around them.

While nothing can ever make this tragedy right, it is important to remember and celebrate the blessings these boys brought into the world.

As the investigation unfolds, Chad Doerman’s attorney has not yet provided a comment. The devastating act committed by their father has left a community in shock and mourning, grappling with the unimaginable loss of Doerman’s brother’s life.

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