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Daily Pay Payment System, Worker Claims It’s A Trap!

Daily Pay Payment System
Daily Pay Payment System, Worker Claims It's A Trap! (PHOTO: The Daily Dot)

The Daily Pay payment system is now facing many complaints from workers claiming that they are only getting a fraction of what they earned via “daily pay”, the Daily Dot reported.

Daily Pay Payment System

Daily Pay Payment System, Worker Claims It’s A Trap! (PHOTO: Search Engine Journal)

Daily Pay Payment System

A Tiktok video was posted and got viral and garnered more than 696,000 views in just five days. The video was posted by the creator @raredej and highlights her situation regarding the issue.

The creator captioned her video with her problem with the issue. She said in her caption that when her job offers a daily pay payment system but when she transferred all the checks before payday, a 1300 check is now $150 on payday.

DailyPay, a service that provides employers and employees with access to earned pay, claims to empower employees by offering them financial control and simplifying off-cycle payments.

They also state that employee time on the job increases by 27% on average when using DailyPay. However, not all commenters share this positive experience.

Some commenters called the daily pay system a “trap” and expressed difficulty in discontinuing its use. They highlighted the challenges of adjusting to a bi-weekly pay schedule after becoming accustomed to daily pay. Others mentioned low check amounts, with one person sharing a check as low as $19.

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Daily Pay Payment System Limitations

Some individuals suggested that DailyPay should limit the amount that can be withdrawn, while others expressed frustration about raised transfer fees. The limitations of the system were also mentioned, with one commenter noting that users are only allowed to withdraw up to 85% of their Pay Balance.

DailyPay’s FAQ page explains that employees accumulate a Pay Balance based on their daily work, which can be transferred to their bank account or payroll card. The balance is updated at the end of each shift, and employees can request money from their Pay Balance for a small fee. Any remaining balance is automatically paid on the next payday.

As workers voice their concerns and share their experiences, it remains to be seen how Daily Pay and similar systems will address these complaints and ensure a fair and transparent payment process.

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