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146 Dogs Discovered Dead In A Canine Lifeline Founder’s Home

Canine Lifeline
146 Dogs Discovered Dead In A Canine Lifeline Founder's Home (PHOTO: NewsBreak)

Nearly 150 dead dogs were discovered in a Canine Lifeline founder’s home in Ohio of animal rescue organization founding operator, a local humane society said.

Canine Lifeline

146 Dogs Discovered Dead In A Canine Lifeline Founder’s Home (PHOTO: New York Daily News)

146 Dogs Were Found Dead At A Canine Lifeline Founder’s Home

According to the Portage Animal Protective League, a search warrant was executed at Mantua home where they found deceased dogs On Friday, June 16, after acquiring a tip that an animal cruelty charge was pending in another jurisdiction against the homeowner in a different jurisdiction.

The Daily News reported that the Portage Animal Protective League said that inside of the Canine Lifeline founder’s home, the agent discovered 146 dead dogs in varying stages of decay. No dogs were found alive. Several dogs were found confined within their crates. Necropsies an animal autopsy procedure will be performed to know the dogs’ causes of death. This investigation of the deceased dogs found is still ongoing and no further details will be released as of the moment.

The announcement did not release names but said the homeowner is “known to be a founding operator” of the nonprofit shelter Canine Lifeline. Records indicated that the home’s owner, Barbara Wible, is the Canine Lifeline’s president.

Furthermore, the authorities plan to conduct necropsies to determine the dogs’ causes of death.

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The Canine Lifeline’s President Barbara Wible Just Left Her House With No Care In The World

A neighbor claimed that Barbara Wible is not in her house for six to eight months nor heard anything from her.

On Monday, Canine Lifeline wrote on Facebook that its volunteers were “shocked, horrified, and confused to learn of the devastating revelations.” The organization said Wible was hospitalized on June 2 after collapsing in her home.

No volunteers knew what are Wible’s medical conditions that she had been diagnosed with before this most recent hospitalization, nor were any aware of the number of dogs she harbored, nor the condition of her house. Please know that the volunteers of Canine Lifeline are mourning this disaster and are collaborating with the appropriate authorities.

the Portage Animal Protective League’s Humane Investigators is asking anyone with knowledge or details about this investigation is asked to contact the Humane Agent, Holly Ebner at [email protected]. 

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