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Expedition to the Wreckage of Titanic: Submarine With 5 Aboard Went Missing In North Atlantic!

Expedition to the Wreckage of Titanic
Expedition to the Wreckage of Titanic, Submarine With 5 Aboard Went Missing In North Atlantic! (PHOTO: CNN)

A search and rescue operation is currently underway in the North Atlantic for a submarine that went missing during an expedition to explore the wreckage of the Titanic, CBS News reported.

Expedition to the Wreckage of Titanic

Expedition to the Wreckage of Titanic, Submarine With 5 Aboard Went Missing In North Atlantic! (PHOTO: Los Angeles Times)

Expedition to the Wreckage of Titanic

The U.S. Coast Guard, along with other government agencies and deep-sea companies, is working tirelessly to locate the missing vessel and ensure the safe return of the crew. The submarine, operated by OceanGate Expeditions, carried a total of five people, including an operator and four mission specialists.

The Polar Prince, the ship responsible for transporting the submersible and expedition members, lost contact with the vessel approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes into its dive. The exact circumstances surrounding the disappearance are still unknown.

The U.S. Coast Guard has deployed a C-130 crew and a P8 Poseidon aircraft with underwater detection capabilities to aid in the search. Vessels are also scouring the water while sonar buoys have been deployed to listen for any signs of the missing sub at depths of up to 13,000 feet.

OceanGate Expeditions has expressed its deep gratitude for the assistance received from various government agencies and deep-sea companies. The focus remains on locating the vessel and ensuring the safety of the crew. If the submarine is located underwater, the Coast Guard is collaborating with military and civilian partners to develop a rescue plan.

The submersible was equipped with a 96-hour sustainment capability, including an emergency oxygen supply. Efforts are being made to make the most of the available time to locate the vessel.

The search operation is particularly challenging due to the remote area where the incident occurred. However, all available assets are being deployed to rescue the people on board.

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Wreckage of Titanic Expedition

The expedition to the wreckage of the RMS Titanic, located approximately 400 miles southeast of the Newfoundland coast, had commenced recently.

The expedition attracted tourists, including British businessman Hamish Harding, who documented the journey on social media. The exploration of the Titanic wreck is a significant endeavor, and the safety and well-being of those involved remain paramount.

The situation has garnered global attention and sparked an outpouring of support and offers of assistance. The collective efforts of major agencies involved in the search and rescue operation demonstrate the goodwill and kindness of people in times of adversity.

OceanGate’s submersible, The Titan, is specifically designed to reach the depths where the Titanic wreckage lies. It is capable of accommodating five people and has been instrumental in previous exploration missions. The search for the missing submarine continues as authorities remain determined to bring the crew back safely and shed light on the circumstances surrounding this incident.

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