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Biden’s Administration Is Expanding The Internet Access In Rural Areas And Will Spend Nearly $1 Billion 

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Missouri Student Loan Service Provider Baffled By Recently Leaked Emails Exposed  (PHOTO: Inquirer Business)

President Joe Biden’s administration has announced a budget that would reach nearly $1 billion for expanding high-speed internet access within rural areas.

Missouri student loan

Missouri Student Loan Service Provider Baffled By Recently Leaked Emails Exposed  (PHOTO: The Liberal Patriot)

High-Speed Internet Access Initiative

President Joe Biden’s administration has reported that the White House is enforcing an expansion of internet access to 35 states and Puerto Rico using middle-mile broadband infrastructure, which allows connections to underserved areas to national internet networks.

According to the administration it received over 260 applications totaling $7.47 billion in funding appeals. The approved projects are anticipated to deploy 12,000 miles of new fiber to expand access.

AZMIRROR reported that Twenty-four million people in America are lacking access to high-speed internet because networks do not reach their houses or because affordability matters, according to the administration.

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America Will Have High-Speed Internet Access And Very Affordable

Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo in a statement that the access to Internet is no longer a luxury and thanks to President Biden’s leadership and it is already taken action to close the digital divide for everyone in America.

The Middle Mile program will invest $900 million or more for the infrastructure needed to connect communities, military bases, and Tribal grounds to the Internet, lower the cost of access, and increase bandwidth. This initiative will make every community in America can access the Internet with high-speed Internet access and very affordable.



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