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Mark Swidan’s Case To Be Raised By Sec. Blinken In Visiting China

Mark Swidan Case
Mark Swidan Case To Be Raised By Sec. Blinken Before Visit to China (PHOTO: ABC News)

The case of Mark Swidan, a Texas businessman who has been on death row in China since 2012, is set to be raised by Secretary of State Antony Blinken during his visit to China, CBS News reported.

Mark Swidan

Mark Swidan Case To Be Raised By Sec. Blinken Before Visit to China (PHOTO: The Standard (HK))

Mark Swidan’s Imprisonment

Swidan’s imprisonment is believed to be based on trumped-up charges, according to the United States.

Senators Ted Cruz and Representatives Michael Cloud, both members of the Republican Party representing Texas, have called on Secretary Blinken to employ every possible effort to ensure the release of Mark Swidan.

In a letter delivered to the State Department, the lawmakers emphasized that Blinken’s visit represents a crucial opportunity to address the injustice of Swidan’s imprisonment.

While Blinken did not mention Mark Swidan by name, he stated that he would personally raise the cases of wrongfully detained Americans during his diplomatic visit to China. The State Department has already classified Swidan as wrongfully detained and has expressed concerns about his health.

Additionally, a United Nations working group has deemed his detention arbitrary and unjust.

Mark Swidan denies the narcotics trafficking charges leveled against him. Despite his appeal being denied by a Chinese court, Cruz and Cloud highlight that Swidan’s passport provides evidence that he was not even present in China during the alleged offenses.

Moreover, no drugs were found in his possession or hotel room.

Swidan is one of three Americans wrongfully detained in China, alongside pastor David Lin and Kai Li. Negotiating prisoner releases or exchanges with China has proven to be challenging for the United States.

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Mark Swidan and Other Detainees

The families of the wrongfully detained Americans hope that Blinken’s in-person appeal will have a positive impact on their loved ones’ prospects for release. The years in detention, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown, have been extremely difficult for the detainees.

Their limited communication with the outside world is closely monitored by Chinese authorities.

The release of the wrongfully detained Americans remains a top priority for the U.S. government, according to Assistant Secretary Daniel Kritenbrink. The issue of “exit bans” preventing U.S. citizens from leaving China has also been consistently raised at the highest levels of discussion between the two countries.

The case of Mark Swidan and other wrongfully detained Americans has garnered attention and calls for their release. With Secretary Blinken’s visit to China, there is hope that progress can be made toward rectifying this unjust situation and ensuring the well-being of U.S. citizens abroad.

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