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California’s New Law Will Provide Tenants A Refund: Check If You Qualify!

California’s New Law
California’s New Law Will Provide Tenants A Refund (PHOTO: Astanehe Law)

California’s new law is making waves as the state takes its first enforcement action against a landlord, Jefferson Public Radio reported. Green Valley Corporation, a San Jose-based developer and property manager, will be required to refund 20 Silicon Valley tenants who experienced exorbitant rent increases in violation of the law.

California’s New Law

California’s New Law Will Provide Tenants A Refund (PHOTO: Tellus App)

California’s New Law Will Provide Tenants A Refund

The settlement also addresses unlawful evictions without just cause. This landmark case highlights the commitment of California’s Attorney General, Rob Bonta, to enforce tenant protections.

The 2019 California Tenant Protection Act, signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, aims to shield renters from double-digit rent hikes and arbitrary evictions.

Under California’s new law, annual rent increases are capped at 5% plus inflation, and landlords must provide a valid reason for evictions. However, enforcement mechanisms were not explicitly defined, leaving tenants to navigate legal challenges independently.

The settlement with Green Valley Corporation sets a precedent for holding landlords accountable and reinforces the message that the law will be enforced. San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu, who authored the 2019 law, emphasizes the importance of this case in upholding tenant rights.

Tenant rights groups have long criticized the 2019 law as lacking teeth, but Bonta’s enforcement action demonstrates a commitment to ensuring its effectiveness. By taking a proactive stance, the attorney general aims to encourage landlords to comply with tenant protections and prevent widespread violations.

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California’s New Law

The rent control law has become increasingly significant as inflation rates rise. The maximum allowable rent increase under the law has expanded to 10% in certain parts of California, reflecting the need for stronger tenant protections.

To further strengthen the 2019 rent cap law, Senator María Elena Durazo introduced a bill that includes provisions for financial damages to tenants and grants prosecutors the authority to sue on their behalf.

The bill, currently awaiting consideration in the Assembly, has faced opposition from landlord associations but has received support from tenant advocacy groups.

California’s new law is a step toward addressing the housing crisis and protecting renters from unfair practices.

With ongoing enforcement efforts, the state aims to create a more equitable rental market and ensure that tenants can exercise their rights without fear of unjust rent increases or evictions.

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