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Up To $3,284 Tax Rebates In June: Check Your State Here!

Tax Rebates In June
Up To $3,284 Tax Rebates In June (PHOTO: The US Sun)

Tax rebates are bringing relief to eligible Americans this month, with cash amounts of up to $3,284 being distributed across various states according to the U.S. Sun.

Tax Rebates In June

Up To $3,284 Tax Rebates In June (PHOTO: MARCA)

Tax Rebates In June 2023

As inflation continues to impact people’s wallets, these rebates aim to alleviate some financial pressure. Eligibility for the rebates may depend on income and whether or not individuals have filed tax returns in previous years. Let’s take a look at three states that are providing tax rebates in June.

  • Alaska – Each year, Alaska offers a Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) to its residents, providing them with a share of the state’s oil revenues. While the PFD amount for 2023 is not confirmed, payments from last year and 2021 are still being sent out. In 2022 and 2021, the amounts were $1,114 and $3,284, respectively. Eligible individuals will receive their payments on June 15 if their PFD application is in the eligible-not-paid status reflecting June 7.
  • Georgia –  In May, Georgia started issuing tax refunds worth up to $500. To qualify for this year’s rebate, individuals must have filed taxes for both 2021 and 2022 and resided in the state. Those who filed on or before April 18 can expect to receive their cash by July 1. The rebate amounts are $250 for single filers, $375 for heads of households, and $500 for couples.

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Tax Rebates In June

  •  New Mexico – New Mexico’s rebate program is set to begin this month, providing $1,000 for joint filers and $500 for heads of households, surviving spouses, and single filers. Eligibility criteria include being over 18 years old, not being claimed as a dependent on taxes, and filing a 2021 income tax return by May 31, 2024. Over 900,000 taxpayers are expected to receive automatic rebates starting in the middle of the month. Those who don’t qualify for the rebate may still be eligible for a relief payment from the state’s $15 million relief fund.

These tax rebates in June offer a welcome financial boost to eligible individuals in Alaska, Georgia, and New Mexico. It’s essential to check the specific requirements and deadlines for each state to ensure you receive the rebates you’re eligible for.

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