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Cocaine Found in Sonic Hot Dog Leads to Arrest of Employee in New Mexico

Suspect Lost Cocaine in Customer's Sonic Hot Dog [Photo: Fox 29]
Suspect Lost Cocaine in Customer's Sonic Hot Dog [Photo: Fox 29]

Jeffrey David Salazar was arrested after losing his bag of cocaine in a customer’s Sonic hot dog in New Mexico. Salazar then admitted that he purchased the substance from someone in the restaurant’s parking lot.

Cocaine Found in Customer's Sonic Hot Dog [Photo:]

Cocaine Found in Customer’s Sonic Hot Dog [Photo:]

On May 30, a woman reportedly called the police after biting into her Sonic hot dog and finding a plastic bag that seemed to contain an illegal substance. The woman even believes that some of the powdered substance went into her mouth.

According to Mion, after conducting a field test, it was confirmed that the substance found in the Sonic hot dog was cocaine. Authorities stated that the illegal narcotics were accidentally placed in the “Coney” as the suspect was preparing the woman’s order.

The suspect was later identified as Jeffrey David Salazar, 54, an employee at the Sonic Drive-In restaurant in New Mexico. The Espanola Police Department then announced in a press release that Salazar is now facing felony charges for possession of a controlled substance.

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Cocaine in Sonic Hot Dog

According to Rodriguez, the affidavit for the arrest warrant of Salazar states that the suspect was seen on a surveillance video footage conducting what seemed to be a transaction with a female employee. Thereafter, Salazar was seen preparing a Sonic hot dog before appearing to frantically search the area. In the end, Salazar admitted to purchasing cocaine from someone in the restaurant’s parking lot.

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