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Up To $1,044 Tax Rebate 2023 To Be Issued In Colorado— See Who Qualifies!

Tax Rebate 2023 [Photo: Canara HSBC Life Insurance]
Tax Rebate 2023 [Photo: Canara HSBC Life Insurance]

Up to $1,044 worth of Tax Rebate 2023 is expected to be issued in Colorado. In this article, read and find out who will qualify for these payments!

Tax Rebate 2023 [Photo: MARCA]

Tax Rebate 2023 [Photo: MARCA]

Reports say that the deadline to apply for the Property Tax, Rent, Heat (PTC) Rebate in the state of Colorado had already ended on June 10. Fortunately, those who have missed the deadline may still have a chance to claim the Tax Rebate 2023.

According to Johnson, the deadline for application had been extended to September 10 and the residents of Colorado can still claim the Tax Rebate 2023 by October. Reportedly, the rebate program has a $7 million budget intended to help senior residents and those who earn low incomes battle the rising costs of living.

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Who will qualify for the Tax Rebate 2023?

According to Blake, to be able to qualify for the Tax Rebate 2023, an applicant must be 65 or older or be a surviving spouse who is aged 58 or older. In addition, the applicant must not be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s federal income tax return. They must also be disabled or unable to work due to medical reasons.

Furthermore, an applicant must have paid property taxes or rent and heating bills between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. Individual filers may earn up to $16,925, while joint filers may earn up to $22,858. Fortunately, those who will miss the deadline in September will have one last chance to apply for the Tax Rebate 2023 in December.

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