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Up To $1,000 In 3 Direct Payments – Here Are The List Of States Who Will Receive The Payments

Direct Payments
Up To $1,000 In 3 Direct Payments - Here Are The List Of States Who Will Receive The Payments (PHOTO: The US Sun)

3 Direct payments will be hitting 3 states worth between $99 and $1,000. This article will be showing 3 states that will receive one-time direct payments for necessities needs.

Direct Payments

Up To $1,000 In 3 Direct Payments – Here Are The List Of States Who Will Receive The Payments (PHOTO: NewsBreak Original)

Up To $1,000 In 3 Direct Payments

The payments are from the budget that windfalls in three states. Moreover, Eligible recipients that reside in the three states included to have the direct payment may catch their bank accounts flush with more additional cash this month and some of the deadlines for applications have passed.

New Mexico

New Mexico approved rebates to statewide taxpayers and economic relief for non-filing residents. The payments are expected to make it to some bank accounts this month, intend to fight rising consumer prices.

Most of the payments will go out in July and the state’s Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said that the prices for necessities continue to be high in New Mexico.

Grisham also said that their state has been in a fantastic financial position and making sure that her residents are sharing in that success.

To qualify for the one-time direct payment you should be an adult, and must be non-dependent New Mexico residents can expect one of two payments – $1,000 for married couples or $500 for single residents.

The payout will only go to individuals not documented as dependent in the state’s 2021 tax cycle. No application for the rebate or payment was required.

Late taxpayers needed to file their 2021 taxes by May 31 to sustain their eligibility.

The state appropriated $ 15 million for the one-time payments to non-taxpaying residents. Lastly, non-taxpaying residents should review the state’s Human Services Department website for updates on applications.

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Some Delaware residents are already started receiving their portion of the Delaware Relief Rebate Program, however, the state is still sending out the final payments this month.

The direct payment program was appropriated last year. Qualified recipients should have filed their 2021 taxes they can anticipate a $300 payment from the state.

Delaware had extra cash from funding windfalls during the 2021 tax season. The state said the program strives to combat inflation and gas costs.

Approximately 780,000 payments were conducted by the state residents can track their payments through this state-run website.


Boulder, Colorado, residents can anticipate payments between $99 to $302. The city produces a food tax rebate program. The program allows residents with lower incomes with the city’s sales tax on food.

Residents should live within the city limits for the full 2022 calendar year and be aged 62 years old or beyond. Other qualified residents must have a dependent child below 18 years old or live with a disability.

In addition, recipients can also make less than $43,000 annually as an individual or $82,800 as a family. Applications for the food relief program are open until June 30 deadline.

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