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Incorrect Tax Payment Deadline in California Brings Confusion; IRS Apologizes

Tax Payment Deadline [Photo: Shutterstock]
Tax Payment Deadline [Photo: Shutterstock]

Residents of California were thrown into confusion after receiving notices of a tax payment deadline. Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Service sent out a digital notice to ignore the incorrect ones.

IRS Sends Incorrect Tax Payment Deadline Notices [Photo: NerdWallet]

IRS Sends Incorrect Tax Payment Deadline Notices [Photo: NerdWallet]

Thousands of residents of California were recently thrown into confusion after they have received notices of a tax payment deadline in the next three weeks. Reports say the notices were received in the 51 counties that were affected by extreme winter storms, flooding, and mudslides.

However, according to Haring, the 51 counties have already been granted a tax payment deadline extension by October 16. This deadline was extended from the previous May 15 and the standard April 15 dates. Furthermore, the counties reportedly include Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles.

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Incorrect Tax Payment Deadline

According to Pender, some residents of California who were not affected by the flood worried that they were obliged to pay taxes during the incorrect tax payment deadline. However, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have already sent out a digital notice instructing the recipients to ignore the previous notice. On June 7, the IRS stated that the taxpayers of California can continue to have their tax payment deadline extended later this year.

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