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Tennessee Woman Arrested for Hiring Hitman to Kill Wife of Man She Met on Dating Site

Tennessee Woman Melody Sasser [Photo: People]
Tennessee Woman Melody Sasser [Photo: People]

Melody Sasser was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill the wife of the man she met on an online dating site. The wife stated that the Tennessee woman and her husband became hiking partners in Knoxville before he moved to Alabama.

Tennessee Woman Melody Sasser [Photo: The Mirror]

Tennessee Woman Melody Sasser [Photo: The Mirror]

Reports say the investigators in Alabama first learned about the murder-for-hire plot after receiving information from an international law enforcement agency on April 27. The tip apparently included messages between a user named “cattree” and the administrator of a site known as “Online Killers Market”.

According to Burnside, screenshots taken from the site revealed that the murder-for-hire order was placed on January 11. “Cattree” allegedly attached a photo of the intended victim and the details about her vehicle, house, and work schedule.

Authorities believe that “cattree” used the hiking app “Strava” to track the victim’s movements. Furthermore, the user paid for the murder-for-hire through Bitcoin purchases totaling to almost $9,750. When the authorities informed the victim about the threat, she identified Melody Sasser, 47, of Knoxville, Tennessee as a possible suspect.

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Tennessee Woman’s Murder-of-Hire Plot

According to Kandel, court documents state that Sasser was upset when she discovered that the man she met on, an online dating site, got engaged. Therefore, the Tennessee woman sought to have the wife killed by hiring a hitman.

Reportedly, Sasser was arrested last month and indicted on the use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire on June 7. If convicted, the Tennessee woman can pay restitution, be fined with $250,000, and face up to 10 years in prison and up to 3 years of supervised release.

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