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Kidnap Victim Rescued After Mouthing “Help Me” to South Carolina Officer During Traffic Stop

South Carolina Officer Rescued Kidnap Victim [Photo: The Independent]
South Carolina Officer Rescued Kidnap Victim [Photo: The Independent]

Officer Kayla Wallace was being commended after rescuing a kidnap victim who mouthed “help me” during a traffic stop in South Carolina. Reports say the alleged kidnapper was on the loose following a shooting incident.

South Carolina Officer Rescued Kidnap Victim [Photo: Yahoo News]

South Carolina Officer Rescued Kidnap Victim [Photo: Yahoo News]

In the early morning of May 28, Officer Kayla Wallace of the North Myrtle Beach Police Department in South Carolina stated that she was doing patrols when a white Jeep SUV drove through a red light. Consequently, Wallace made the vehicle pull over and discovered a female driver with a male passenger.

According to Roppolo, Wallace stated that when the female driver opened the door, she appeared to be in distress. At the time the male passenger’s attention was not on the driver, she silently and repeatedly mouthed “help me” towards Wallace.

Wallace was then prompted to transfer the male passenger to the back of the vehicle before going back to talk with the female driver. Thereafter, the driver told Wallace that the passenger had shot someone and she was forced to drive at gunpoint.

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Kidnap Victim Rescued

According to DeLetter, Wallace then received a “be on the lookout” (BOLO) alert from a dispatch over the radio. The alert reportedly stated that a white Jeep SUV was involved in a shooting incident nearby. In addition, the alert also stated that the suspect was a Black male who wore a blue jeans and a blue and white Jordan shoes which matched the male passenger.

Eventually, the male passenger, who was identified as Collins Bates, 29, of Columbia, was arrested. To date, he remains detained and is facing charges of possession of a weapon during a violent crime, unlawful carrying of a firearm, kidnapping, and attempted murder.

The warrants obtained state that Bates shot someone, threatened a kidnap victim, and coerced her to drive him away from the crime scene. On the contrary, Wallace was commended for being proactive in rescuing the kidnap victim.

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