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Lost Hikers Safely Rescued in Dutchess County New York, Thanks to Drone Efforts

Two lost hikers in their 20s got lost on a hiking trail and called 911 once darkness fell and was safely rescued through the use of drones. (Photo: Asia Times)
Two lost hikers in their 20s got lost on a hiking trail and called 911 once darkness fell and was safely rescued through the use of drones. (Photo: Asia Times)

Two lost hikers were successfully rescued in Dutchess County, New York, thanks to the quick action of the Sheriff’s Office and the utilization of their drone.

Two lost hikers were rescued in Dutchess County thanks to the use of the Sheriff's Office's drone. (Photo: ABC7 New York)

Two lost hikers were located and rescued in Dutchess County, thanks to the use of the Sheriff’s Office’s drone. (Photo: ABC7 New York)

Two Lost Hikers Located Using Drone

The incident took place on Tuesday evening when two lost hikers, identified as a man and a woman in their twenties found themselves lost on a hiking trail and called 911 for assistance as darkness descended, ABC7 reported.

The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office instantly responded by deploying their Patrol, UAS Drone Unit, and ATV Unit to the Stissing Mountain Trail Head off Hicks Road.

The rescue operation for the lost hikers began around 9:11 p.m. with deputies and fire department members corresponding efforts on the ground while the Sheriff’s Department’s UAS Drone operators took to the skies.

Marc Chapman, a resident residing near one entrance of the 590-acre wooded area, emphasized the importance of being mindful of the time and environmental cues during outdoor activities.

Using state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology, the Sheriff’s Office was able to find and locate the lost hikers about 4,000 feet into the woods from their car.

Despite the dwindling battery life of the lost hikers’ phones, deputies were able to establish communication, adding urgency to the rescue operation.

The Sheriff’s Office’s eight drones, each equipped with a bright light, played a vital role in the successful rescue.

The lost hikers were able to spot the illuminated drones and direct first responders to their exact location, cutting down the time required to locate them significantly.

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Two Lost Hikers Safely Rescued

Once the lost hikers were located, Pine Plains Fire Personnel stepped in to escort them safely out of the woods, bringing the rescue mission to a successful conclusion.

This incident involving the lost hikers serves as a testament to the growing role of drone technology in search and rescue operations.

The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office’s efficient use of drones equipped with thermal imaging capabilities and bright lights not only expedited the rescue process but also ensured the safety of the lost hikers.

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